"Hovering on the edge of soul, R & B, and more than a
flavour of chilled trance...it's rock pop that travels"

"Summons a precarious edge between joy and tears;
where fire and water command the passions
and where falling becomes a funky ‘letting go’....."

"Distinct and delicious tones, explore a contemporary mindset
and a range of moods that arise from within it"

"The ambient ease of intelligent hooks and compelling grooves"

"Portrays lucid experience and tender genius"

"Get us in the mood for a new way of living"

JOYAAA is the musical collaboration of Australian
Victoria Whelan and very English Gavin Jurkschat.

Originally a dancer and with a degree in acting, now
multimedia; Victoria’s diverse creativity has spanned several
careers and now reaches into all areas of composition,
performance and production.

With a gift for great hook-lines that grab the subconscious,
and a cut-diamond voice, this extraordinarily versatile artiste
enjoys her musical prime with the release of recent definitive
albums Into the Blue and the new Too Late to Pray.

Beside her is creative and life-partner Gavin Jurkschat,
accomplished and skilful guitarist, keyboard player and
commercial studio director.


This formidable force of songwriters and producers has
explored most genres via roles as mentors, technicians,
and creative animateurs for clients over the years
(31 albums in 7 years) and have found their own
definitive style grounded in a R & B/rock format,
embracing dance, soul, pop, and almost every other genre
in their collaborative practice.

Influenced by too many to mention, JOYAAA's have been
compared to and may have eclectic elements of Annie
Lennox, Morcheeba, Dido and Pink Floyd; and not least,
the fact that they lived 1000 feet up on the edge of Dartmoor
amidst wild nature.

Having heard and reviewed these albums I would agree,
but not without recognizing an ambience comparable to
M People or Sade; the sveltemusicality of seventies soft
rock band Heart, and production quality comparable to
genius Roger Waters.

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