1 No Smoke Without

2 Funky World

3 Lost

4 Crime Against Time

5 Running Road

6 Pure Wrath

7 Too Late to Pray

8 Melt

9 Slippin Stream

10 Spirit of Love

"Get us in the mood for a new way of living"

Too Late to Pray - both declares a zeitgeist situation
and begs the question – but what can we do?

The title track neither indulges in this anxiety or
preaches any answers; instead, the unobtrusive lyrics
sung in distinct and delicious tones, explore a contemporary mindset and a range of moods that arise from within it.

This mellow pop rock album blurs delightfully with other
genres: reggae, funk, dance, lullaby – held strong and
taut in its own identitywith sublime production, evocative
bass, guitar and synth provided by fellow musician
Gavin Jurkschat.

Mixed with the kind of clarity and professionalism that
blends perfectly with great speakers and chilled champagne, TLTP loosens up the psyche while providing a compelling
clarity, these qualities arising via the ambient ease of intelligent hooks and compelling grooves.

Too Late To Pray is a mature, life-affirming collaboration,
subtly serving to keep the waking part of eco-awareness
empowered and awake.

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Clean energy

1 Strum

2 Feed Me

3 Let Myself Be

4 Mirror

5 Getting Closer

6 Spin Girl
Still Spinning

7 Enrapture

8 Wideawake and

9 Sweet Jezebel

10 Bring it On

11 Into the Blue

12 Finally the Fire

‘It’s about depression,’ she has already told me ‘and
going right into it, and eventually breaking through to
the other side, finding happiness again’.

I am pleased that the first track ‘Strum’ is a lively groove
that eases its way into both heart and consciousness.
By the time ‘Wide-awake and Dreaming’ ends, I am
merging blissfully with its ambient dance vibe,
Gilmour-influenced guitar, great vocals and catchy lyrics.

I was wrong to expect a more intense or gloomy portrayal
of its theme. Instead, every track shares the insights of
Victoria Whelan’s revealing inner journey, accompanied
in both music and real life by Gavin Jurkschat,
whose understated synth, and array of sublime lead,
funky rhythm and laid-back bass guitars, evoke a heartfelt appreciation of this collaboration.

Woven with strings, organ, and piano from Howard Irons
and drums by Avron Levine and smoothly produced by
JOYAAA’s Victoria and Gavin in their Blue in Green Studio,
was high on Dartmoor, UK.

Folded in its moody grooves, Into the Blue has more than
a flavour of chilled trance, with crystal vocals recounting the sometimes understated, sometimes dramatic poetry of her experiences carried sublimely on this soft rock, soul influenced, upbeat,down-time album.

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1 Soft Isle

2 Sha ma

3 Freewheeeling
the Moment

4 True tender

5 Just Once

6 Fullness Stillness

7 Cloaked in Mist

8 Aria ma

This was an exploration into side of our work that
borderlines instrumental, world music, chant,
cafe del mar, deva premal-ish!

Review onroute

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1 Spirit of the Drum
2 Life is a Circle
3 Fly like an Eagle
4 Ancient Future
5 Walk in Beauty
6 Raven
7 Homecoming
8 Wise Woman
9 Heartland
10 The Riiver

"The Daughters of Gaia were simply the most exciting
Pagan vocal group whom I had ever seen.
They sounded wonderful, they looked gorgeous, and -
most important - they knew exactly how to interact
with an audience to make people feel good about themselves." - Prof Ronald Hutton 2006

Another collaboration with the client,
Barbara Meiklejohn Free.
Some songs we wrote outright, others we
collaborated with Barbara or expanded on an
traditonal tune. We had the joy of working with
long time friend and multi-instrumentalist
Mark Robson from Kangaroo Moon.

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1 We are the Withces
2 Born of Water
3 Daughters of Gaia
4 Standing in my Power
5 Reawakening
6 Ancient Mother
7 Rock the Goddess
8 Lady Spin
9 Womanspirit
10 Blessed Be

A flamboyant presentation to wild Witchy dance music.
Pure fun that celebrates all that is wild in women.
Daughters of Gaia break all the rules when it comes
to New Age Music. Firstly it's not meditative,
in fact you can't keep still, and they combine full
on Dance beats, with real bass guitar and drum kit
that add life and another Dimension to the music.
Secondly, it's got wild "woo woo" guitar on some songs,
like fire in the water; Sending shivers up your spine.
Finally the album wouldn't be complete without layers
of lush vocals supporting liberating lyrics that celebrate
the feminine divine in us all.

Another collaboration with the client,
Barbara Meiklejohn Free.
Some songs we wrote outright, others we collaborated
with Barbara or expanded on an traditonal tune.

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1 Spirit Visions
2 In the Beginning
3 Spirit of the Wind
4 Mother I feel you
5 Earth is our Mother
6 Where I stand in
7 Tall Trees
8 Rolling Sea
9 Dreamtime
10 Calling the Circle
11. Oh Great Spirit

Spiritvisions was a collaboration with the Client.
This was the first album of three. These songs are
mostly classic campfire chants that we transform into
dance beats or ambient chillout.

The beat will have encouraged you to get to your feet
dance wildly - have fun, and the lyrics will remind you
of all that is good and beautful in our precious world.
Their music filled with ancient wonders and mystical
vision will make you feel you have come home.
I have their melodies in my heart & mind - even as I write". - Josephine Wall

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Two Ranges of

by JOYART Design

Lust in the Forest
- 4 Designs

She Sells Seashells
- 7 Designs

To see full range

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One hour documentary
of several mutlimedia
interviews and
"Womanspirit was a wonderful project to be involved in,
on thenight nearly forty people were involved and yet it
all ransmoothly and the atmosphere was great.
This atmosphere cameacross in the dvd presentation,
with added depth with the stories of artists’ creative
process, making it’s viewing both enjoyable and
Jackie Juno – Performer/Artist

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